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Anti Green 10L

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ANTI-GREEN is used for the removal of green slime (moss, algae) on paved paths,
furniture, walls, windows, roofs, driveways, etc.
ANTI GREEN is always used diluted and is fully self-acting.
Does not affect latex paint, lacquer, aluminum, zinc, metal, glass and plastic.removal of green slime
(moss, algae), completely self-acting.
Preferably, spraying in dry weather .
ANTI GREEN, pouring, brushing or scrubbing with a solution of 10% (100 ml / liter of water).
Do not rinse. windows Serres: Thoroughly spraying or brushing with a solution of 10% (100 ml / liter of water).
After several days of dead algae, algae, dirt, etc.
To be removed by spraying with a hard jet, respectively.
To scrub off.
Treatments can also be implemented until shortly before planting because no harmful vapor effect.
At 10% you avoid green abutment syringe.
ANTI GREEN (100ml / liter of water) on the windows not rinse.
This method of use is the creation of green deposits resisted for many months.
Do not spray on plants!
The agent is ineffective when it comes into contact with soap or synthetic detergents.
PH 2,6.


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