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Cement Remover 10L

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Cement remover: used to remove lime and cement residues of calcareous sand, natural,
slate and brick pavers, granite and other acid-resistant stones.
Is also used for removing lime and cement residues from concrete mixers, cement forms, -kuipen,
-weegschalen, line pipe, scaffolding pipes, metal and wooden formwork.
Is self-acting and cleans very quickly.
Glass is not affected!
Equipped with a red indicator liquid; runs during treatment acidity back, then lose its red color and becomes yellowish.
This is the signal that the degree of acidity should be improved in order to be active again, and this is achieved by, to enclose.
If, during the final rinse, the color still remains somewhat red, the operation is still acid and is the runoff been insufficient.
Is also used for removing lime and cement residue, Features a red indicator liquid.
Is self-acting and cleans very quickly.
Wall cleaning:, first take a test. Wood and aluminum cover in advance.
The surface to be cleaned beforehand abundantly moisten with water to deep intrusion prevention.
Depending on the nature and extent of contamination, up to 1 to 6 parts mixed with water.
Reaction time of 5 to 10 min.
Abundantly with water, then rinse.
To prevent dehydration, observe contact time.
Tile adhesive: up to 1 to 3 parts with water application.
Materials: 10 to 20% mixed with water.
The liquid can then be poured on or in the object to be processed, or one uses an immersion bath.
PH 0,5.


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