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Toilet Fluid 1L

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Keep your waste tank clean gas and thus suppresses prevents unpleasant odors,
for sustainable maintenance of your chemical toilet during each rinse.
The toilet liquid concentrate for portable toilets.
Cleans efficiently the tank and the valve of the portable toilet removes scale in the portable toilet,
prevents the formation of lime in the portable toilet prevents the formation of algae in the chemical toilet causes ,
The shift of the portable toilet functions well is good for the maintenance of the rubber seals of the chemical toilet.
Hygiene and comfort when using your chemical toilet: dispels odors from your chemical toilet reduces the formation of gas,
in your camping toilet contains antiseptic ingredients has a pleasant, fresh smell.
For your chemical toilet leaves a thin protective film on the tank of your camping toilet.
Keep your waste tank clean, prevents gas and thus suppresses unpleasant odors.
In chemical toilets 75ml add ,per 10 liter waste tank capacity.
Then pour 2 liters of water into the tank.
The contents of the toilet discharge at the appropriate place on camp sites, etc.,in marinas.
After emptying rinse with clean water, and the treatment start again.
CAUTION: Before you throw away the empty bottle, rinse it out with water.
You can use this water in your waste tank.
PH 5,0.


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