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Dish Wash
Powder 10kg

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A dishwasher powder with water softener and lime binder.
Protects glass and porcelain.
Is particularly suitable for the dissolution of fats and oils, the decomposition of starch and protein-containing substances,
and the removal of lipstick, coffee and tea edges.
Provides both hard and soft water good results.Preparation: Remove any coarse food and check the purity of the filter after.
Load your machine according to the manufacturer's instructions .
Dosering: the normal dose is 30 grams per wash (about 2 tablespoons).
With extra dirty dishes or extra hard water 30 grams or two tablespoons of extra use.
CAUTION! Please check your dishwasher for the six months limescale.
This problem can be removed easily and quickly with our (inhibited liquid acid cleaner by removing scale deposits in water)
PH 13,9.


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