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fly musquito cleaner 1 L

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Fly musquito cleaner Is a synthetic cleaning agent that prevents flies, mosquitoes. dissolves completely. h It is safe for almost all materials, such as metals (including aluminum, zinc, etc.), lacquer and painting, textiles, plastics, enamel, glass, porcelain, glaze, floor covering, linoleum, car upholstery, etc.

It is self-acting and non-flammable. it is very mild on the skin. Quality cleaning and degreasing agent Biodegradable

- plus 10 parts of water: stubborn dirt, mosquitoes and flies, kitchen fixtures and appliances.
- plus 20 parts of water: carpets, nylon rugs, plastic coverings, rubber, sanitary ware, car coverings, swimming pools, plastic or wooden table tops, chairs, silverware, etc.
- plus 30 to 40 parts of water: paintwork, textiles, upholstery, net curtains and curtains, clothing.
- We recommend plus 80 parts of water for cleaning glassware and windows.

The mixing ratio must be adjusted in case of severe contamination. By applying this product diluted with water to the surface or object to be cleaned, the present dirt and grease is loosened and it can be effortlessly cleaned with water after a few moments.

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