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Furniture Innovator 1L

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Is used for removal of bleached water, alcohol circles and blemishes.
Gray and faded surfaces regain their natural color.
Scratches are camouflaged.
It is a high maintenance product for stained, varnished, oiled, untreated or waxed furniture.
Effective and economical in use.
Scratches are camouflaged.
It is a high maintenance product.
always try beforehand on an inconspicuous area.
Daily cleaning: generous squirt surface and polish with a cloth.
Deep cleaning: generous application in a straight line and leave for 6 to 10 hours.
Meanwhile retreatment fully retracted jobs.
After the reaction time remove the excess material with a cloth.
One week wait to repeat the treatment.
- If the furniture in the state was generous application and after 2 hours was removing the loosened.
Next, repeat the treatment as described above.
- Do not use on polished artificially bleached (bleached) or white furniture.


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