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Hygiëne Cleaner 5L

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Used for deodorizing and hygienic cleaning floors and furniture fouled by incontinent patients in hospitals and nursing homes,
convalescent homes, sanatoriums, kennel, etc.
Is also used for deodorizing and hygienic cleaning of drains and sanitary facilities in schools, communities, factories, offices, etc.
It consists mainly of fatty acids. By the addition of pine extracts, one obtains a high gloss as well as hygienic properties.
Late drains a sliding film after allowing her soiling is braked.Dilution with water in a ratio of 1:60 optionally scrubbing, erase,
and allow to dry to remove stubborn dirt increase the dosage.
Dilute For use in drains with water in a ratio of 1: 2 pouring this solution into the discharge line.
For hygienic and sliding effect to retain one should not rinse with water.
PH 6,6.

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