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Pearl Shaped
Unblocking 10kG

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Is a powerful, non-explosive cleaner, which penetrates through its targeted action deep in the drain pipe.
All fats, oils, rags, cardboard, paper; in short, all of the organic compounds are dissolved and discharged.
Especially recommended for city and municipal services, schools, hospitals and food processing plants.
It is a plunger which releases no flammable or explosive vapors.
Stays very long at the site of the blockage active.
Fights effectively bad odors.
Can also be used to thaw frozen pipes.powerful explosives plunger, which penetrates deeply through its targeted action.
Pearl shaped unblocking characterisstics: the amount to be used is, in view of technical, determined at 20% of the weight of the blockage.
Labor and cost saving, no delays and no breaking.
Operating sanitaries: Remove standing water whenever possible.
Add 2 tablespoons, and then pouring 1 liter of boiling water.
Allow to react and then rinsed with water for about 1 hour.
For stubborn clogs supply apply a stronger dose, and, if possible, leave for one night.
Sewerage systems: at least 2 kg per 10 cm in diameter.
If there is no water in the sewer is present, this should be added.
Preventive treatment: by regularly spreading a small amount into the drains avoids clogging.
! While using turn the body, especially the face to avoid splashing!
Never use with other drain cleaners or chemicals!
PH 13,9.


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