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Polymer Floors 5L

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Polymer floors: used for protection against various hazards and simple periodic maintenance of,
water-resistant floors made of PVC, vinyl, thermoplastische- and tile floors, linoleum, etc.
It gives lasting protection and excellent adhesion.
Easy updating of damaged parts.
After drying  not very stiff, scratch resistant and resistant to black heel marks.
Polymer floors: contains metal-linked acrylic polymers with high resistance.
Has a lasting protection and excellent adhesion.
Imagine comic turns longer.
Easy to maintain. Easy updating of damaged parts. Resistant to water and cleaning products.
No penetration of dirt: hygiene improves.
High strength, even at high speeds on machines.
Stunning, easy to apply gloss.
Aplication of Polymer floors: a) manually applying a first layer of unmixed and uniformly by means of a wasverdeler.
About 30 minutes to dry.
Then, applying a second layer of crosswise in order to obtain a fine uniform gloss.
During the drying process does not reach the floor.
b) at high speeds when it is used, by means of high-speed machines (1000 and 2000 rpm), 3 to 4 coats of neat.
Wet wipe to remove the lint between each layer applied.
3) Periodic cleaning and maintenance
Manual: dilute our cleaning and maintenance spray on polymer base with water to wipe up 1:40 and damp.
PH 8,8.


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