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Rubber Stripes 5L

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Remover rubber stripes: is used for the removal of black rubber streaks or stains caused by fork lift trucks,
on the polished concrete floors, plastic floors and floors which have been treated with polyurethane and epoxy paints.
Remover rubber stripes: have highly penetrating and emulsifying properties.
Specially designed for solving rubberresidus left by the slippage of the wheels of forklifts.
Burnt rubber residues are difficult or impossible to remove, and therefore we can not always guarantee optimal results.
Remover rubber stripes: unmixed rubber molding on the stain and let it soak.
The reaction time closely monitored to prevent discoloration of the surface.
With a sponge, cloth or brush to edit the spot.
Then rinse thoroughly with clean water.
In the burnt-in stubborn rubberresidus repeat the treatment.
Attention treated with polyurethane and epoxy paints may be slightly paler, when too long to act and do not rinse with plenty of water.
! Like always perform a test before use, especially when used on plastic flooring. Floors.


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