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SANITARY ACID: is used to periodically and efficient removal of any rust, lime and urine stone in toilets and urinals.
Sanitary acid is a concentrated, viscous fluid on the basis of hydrochloric acid.
Take odors and leaves a pleasant smell.Advantageously, removal of any rust, lime and urine stone,
concentrated viscous liquid on the basis of hydrochloric acid, pleasant odor.
Cleaning toilets and urinals: pour approximately 25cc sanitary acid in the toilet or urinal.
Due to its high adhesiveness sanitary acid will adhere to the wall.
Let soak for 15 to 30 minutes.
Optionally, wiped with a soft brush-Wc, and then flushing the toilet or urinal.
The nature and extent of contamination to determine the duration of the exposure time.
Pay special attention to the water supply.
Do not use on chrome and calcareous stones.
sanitary acid never use with chlorine products and chemicals!
PH 0,4.


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