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Unblocking 1L

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Unblocking effectively removed all obstructions from organic nature hall grease, hair,
sanitary napkins, paper, starch, coffee, fat, etc.
Can be used in all types of congestion, particularly for institutions, factories, hotels, schools, food processing companies etc.
Harmless to connected systems, septic tanks, not affected copper or PVC discharge lines,
As well as rubber components.
effectively removed all the clogging, based on sulfuric acid.
Read the safety instructions!
As much as possible of removing water from a sink, drain, or toilet bowl.
Unblocking pouring slowly down the drain and not spilling wait and then flush with water to reduce heat generation.
Preventive maintenance: To prevent blockages by regularly treating any runoff.
Chugging upright, save.
! During use fend off the body and definitely you face to avoid splashing or gases.
! Unblocking Never mix with water or chemicals in the bottle and never use chemicals or bleaches with Andre
! Do not use on galvanized material, aluminum, zinc, chromium, acid-sensitive porcelain, coated objects!
PH 0,1.


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