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Spotless Fixed
all in 1 Phosphate free

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Spot Less fixxed the optimum all in 1 Washing powder is 100% biodegradable washing powder.
A total Washing powder all in one product: pre-wash, fabric softener, colored and white, machine maintenance.
A product without preservatives 100% concentrated. Clothing: gray, blood, fruit stains, spots Marina, grass, grease stains.
Spotless fixed removes all stains without bleach: Spotless fixed.
You get 100% result was.
your white, variegated wax is whiter and colors remain the best Spotless fixed seating was concentrated , active ingredients incorporated.
Spotless fixed is a product that allows you to wash at all temperatures, 30 40 60 and 95 degrees,
because this product is based on the basis of Sun light soap.
Spotless has also fixed, machine maintenance 22% Calgon full maintenance of your washer,
the rubber and the element and your drum remain clean.
Many people today suffer from allergies, eczema or asthma.
This is often accompanied by hypersensitivity to certain substances in washing powder.
Spotless fixed is hypoallergenic: this is due to biological eco washing powder, produced durable,
no perfume but a mild natural fragrance is incorporated.
Ph 4,2.


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