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Strong Oven Grill
Cleaner 1L

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Strong grill oven cleaner: it is a highly alkaline product for the removal of highly carbonized and encrusted contaminants,
from vegetable and animal fats, proteins and smoke stains.
Because of its extraordinary penetrating purification factor is particularly suitable for baking ovens, grills, ovens, smoke houses,
pots and pans, frying, conveying and production equipment, and others highly recommended for cleaning and baking in accordance,
with the dipping method hamvormen.
Strong grill oven cleaner: By action of special penetrating and surface-active ingredients has a very strong purifying effect and solvent-priate,
for plant and animal burnt and charred dirt.
Economical to use.
Self-acting = labor saving.
is improved and refined version of the traditional and outdated ovenrei- jet cleaners,
which are not sufficiently suitable for dissolving and removing stubborn dirt and cause damage to the treated article.
Strong grill oven cleaner:
The article to be cleaned does not have to be heated although it may speed up the penetration effect and shorten the reaction time.
With a brush or a spray bottle application, the undiluted product.
Leave on for ½ to 3 hours, if necessary, brush and rinse with clean water.
Wipe dry to prevent rusting.
The nature and level of impurities determine the duration of the time of action.
Please note that a first test on an inconspicuous area).
Paints, varnishes and coatings are affected by the use and removed from the object to be treated. !
Should not be used on aluminum, copper, brass, zinc-plated or lacquered surfaces.


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