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Strongly Alkaline
Shampoo 10L

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Strongly alkaline schampoo: is used for the removal of road dirt and atmospheric attack on cargo and tank trucks, containers, train set.
It can also be used for cleaning of alkali-resistant walls, floors, tarpaulins, etc.
Has a very good cleaning to remove the so-called "road movie" trucks without scrubbing.
Has great penetrating properties.
It is suitable for use on plastics, rubber, cured lacquers, and most of the metals.strongly ,
alkaline Autoshampooes: used to remove road grime and very good cleaning power to remove trucks without scrubbing.
Has great penetrating properties.
Strongly alkaline schampoo: For use in high-pressure equipment, the dosage adjust so that there is achieved ,
a 0.2 to 2-percent solution of our product at the spray head.
Preferred cleaning temperature of 20 to 80 ° C, depending on the degree of contamination of the object to be cleaned and / or the outside temperature.
After spraying the cleaning solution, rinse well with clean water.
The best result is obtained by processing the surface to be cleaned from top to bottom.
Case of stubborn dirt, has to recommend it, diluted with water to spraying a 10-percent solution on the vehicle /
object to be cleaned and, after a contact time of 5-10 min.
Hosing with water under high pressure.
Not suitable for use on aluminum, zinc, galvanized materials and zinc silicate coatings.
PH 13,9.


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