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Strongly Building
Cleaner 10L

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Is used to remove heavy dirt on walls and calcareous stones such as marble, concrete, travertine, sandstone, brick,
plaster, shell limestone, slate, glazed and polished stone.
It removes dirt traffic, industrial fallout, chemicals, carbon black spots, some discoloration, etc.
Speed and self-acting.removing heavy dirt, highways and an inconspicuous place to provide a test.
Aluminum, wood and painted parts and non-ferrous metals before capping.
The cleaning surface must be pre-moistened with plenty of water to avoid deep penetration.
Highly absorbent portions therefore wet with water long.
Depending on the nature and degree of pollution, and the degree of absorption of the substrate,
neat or extended to a maximum of 1 to 2 parts of water with application (with the pressure sprayer).
After a reaction time of from 5 to 20 min.
Must with plenty of water, preferably with a high-pressure cleaner, will be rinsed off.
In order to prevent drying out of the product, have to be accurately in view of the exposure time.
Do not use on aluminum, copper and other nonferrous metals, glass and painted surfaces.
PH 13,6.


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