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Super Degreaser 10L

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Super degreaser is a highly alkaline water-soluble cleaning agent for heavy impurities consisting of: vet, oil, road and smoke stains from trailers, lorries and road tankers, agricultural machines, etc. Cleaning floors and walls in workshops, garages, ship holds. charges gas stations, etc. Super disinfection breaks the surface and packaging. Property unparalleled dissolution properties and remarkable broad spectrum activity. Working fast and requiring little work. Highly alkaline, water-soluble detergents for high temperatures, fast-acting and require little labor. It is diluted in closed form with water, depending on the nature and degree of contamination. Soak for a few minutes, scrub well and collect with water. CAUTION! Do not use on aluminum, zinc, brass and painted surfaces (make a test first). PH 13.6.

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