Privacy and security 
Your personal data. You leave them behind us, because that should simply if you want to order something. But we can imagine that you'd like to know why we ask for your personal information and what we do with it. We like to tell you here. If after reading these questions, please contact us. 

Very safe 
Anything you leave us we put quite safely locked up with the latest technology. Who has nothing to do with your data, there may simply not. We give your information to anyone - you read below why and when we do - then we demand that the other person as carefully handle your information if and only used for the purpose for which he received them. 

Deliver your order 
for your order we need your name, email address, address (es), payment details and sometimes need your phone number. This allows us to deliver your order and keep you informed about your order. We give you information also to others when needed for an order, for example delivery services and our distribution. 

Your account 
to your account on ECP Cleaning we store include the following information: your name, address (es), telephone number, email address, delivery and payment information, and provided information and interests (for example, if we asked you for your birthday ). Useful, because then you do not enter this information each time. We also keep a record of your past orders so you can find it easily. 

Customer service 
You can call us or contact us via our contact page. To quickly be able to help with questions, we use your data and make notes we keep. Handy if you call us again. Information about the call is recorded with you. You help us as for analysis and improvement of our services. Sometimes we use a different party to give answers to your questions. Which can therefore use your data. 

We love reviews. And our customers. Want to write a review, select or your personal information or your name visible to other visitors and that we may contact you about your review on. We love who writes the review. 

Improving our store and service 
we are constantly improving our services. Therefore, we may use your information to ask you whether you want to participate in an informal customer or market research. Sometimes others conduct research for us. We give this other than your email address. That person must also comply with our privacy policy. So your email address must be removed after completion of the investigation. 

on fraud, no one is waiting, neither do we. Therefore, we use customer data to investigate fraud, prevent and counteract. If need, we provide customer information to the government. 

If you buy items you do not want to pay right away, we can test your creditworthiness. We can use external bureaus.Voor that credit investigation, we can give you information to others that this data may be used only for that purpose. We can call you to remind you of a bill that has expired. Sometimes others carry that phone for us. We also may disclose your information to a collection agency and / or bailiff who collects unpaid bills on our behalf. 

Business customers and partner program 
also our business partners and customers we store the contact information on. Are the details of people, we treat these data as those of our other customers. 

What we do not do with your information? 
We never use your data to show different prices to you than to other customers. All our customers see the same prices for our products and items. You sell information to others, we never will. 

Your details are incorrect or you have other questions? 
Something is wrong or you want to consult your data, please contact us. 

Cookie please? 
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