1. These conditions apply to all offers, sales and deliveries by the private company named. ECP AGRO CLEANING in creation and or his successor to include mention the trade www.ecp-cleaning.shop hereinafter ECP AGRO CLEANING done to others, all by ECP AGRO CLEANING Contracts work performed, as well as to all agreements in the broadest sense of the word by ECP AGRO CLEANING to third parties.
  2. These conditions apply both inside and outside polen, regardless dewoon- or domicile of the parties to any agreement, regardless of the place where the contract has been concluded, or should have been implemented.
  3. If the buyer / customer purchase performs these ECP AGRO CLEANING not bound by that differ from these terms.
  4. Any deviations from these conditions, applied by ECP AGRO CLEANING at any time / allowed for the benefit of the buyer / client, to add the latter never has the right to rely on it for later

or the use of such a deviation and for him / her fixed in front of him to demand.


  1. All offers and quotations are not binding, unless explicitly stated otherwise. They are made in good faith by ECP AGRO CLEANING and based on any information provided on request.
  2. The ECP AGRO CLEANING in images, websites, catalogs, brochures, drawings or otherwise provided statements regarding size, capacity, performance, color, material, texture, finish or results, should be considered approximate and are given without obligation. ECP AGRO CLEANING is not bound by this statement and accepted for any inaccuracies in these data than

Also no liability.


  1. Under the command is understood to mean: any agreement with ECP AGRO CLEANING, irrespective of whether said person takes on work to be performed, or personnel, equipment or space to be made available, or any other performance, therefore, to be carried out, all this in the broadest sense.
  2. All ECP AGRO CLEANING contracts become binding after written confirmation by ECP AGRO CLEANING, or because ECP AGRO CLEANING has started the execution of the order.Additions or changes to bind the aforementioned agreements ECP AGRO CLEANING after and if they have been accepted by ECP AGRO CLEANING and confirmed in writing. The buyer / client shall be deemed changes or additions to ECP AGRO CLEANING contracts have accepted if the buyer client within 8 days after he took note of the change / addition or could have, in writing to the amendment (s) and / or addition (s) protested. The buyer / client is deemed to have knowledge of the amendment / supplement when ECP AGRO CLEANING the work which the amendment /

addition has commenced respect.

Only the board and if he / she who is authorized by the board explicitly, can and may conclude agreements on behalf of ECP AGRO CLEANING.

  1. Unless it is expressly agreed otherwise, ECP AGRO CLEANING always has the right to execute the contract in whole or in part by third parties, these conditions also work in favor of these third parties, provided, however, that ECP AGRO CLEANING them, if necessary afterwards, writing authorizes to invoke these conditions without such authorization could create any obligations to ECP AGRO CLEANING.


Where there are orders / agreements are signed, the "law of distance contracts" premium can do and the buyer / customer is there rightly invoked, ECP AGRO CLEANING will respect this law. This means that provisions in these conditions because of their general character in these circumstances conflicted with the law, his subordinate,This law aims to provide consumers with greater legal protection when entering into this type of agreement.


  1. ECP AGRO CLEANING is subject of these conditions are not liable for any damage, either directly and / or indirectly the result of not answering the delivered goods, including more work on the contract, unless intent or gross negligence is to blame. Accordingly, ECP AGRO CLEANING this also does not accept coarse when disasters, such as fire, water damage and mischief from the outside, for example, wars, and earthquakes.
  2. If ECP AGRO CLEANING for any other reason might be relevant damages to the agreement, the amount of its compensation shall always be limited to a maximum of the invoice amount (excluding VAT) in respect of the goods and / or services, with a maximum of EUR 350.00 (in words: three hundred and fifty euros). c. Invoke these conditions suspend the payment obligation of the buyer / client against ECP

Products not.


  1. in offers, confirmations and contracts mentioned delivery times are made in good faith and will, wherever possible, be respected, but they are not bound ECP AGRO CLEANING.
  2. Exceeding these deadlines, for any reason whatsoever, buyer / client never gives the right to compensation, termination of contract or breach of any obligation imposed on him from the agreement or from any other, whether or not this agreement coherent agreement could arise.
  3. When excessive delay in delivery, however, at the discretion of ECP AGRO CLEANING, Cleaning ECP will enter into further consultation with buyer / client.
  4. Delivery is carried out to determine the operation of ECP AGRO CLEANING or another by ECP AGRO CLEANING  place.
  5. When ECP AGRO CLEANING, goods sold or services to be offered after the buyer / client are not accepted by this, they are available to the buyer / client for three weeks.Goods are stored during this period on behalf of the buyer / client. After said period, the total amount that would be due at delivery or performance, plus costs and interest, the buyer / customer may be claimed even without supply of such goods or services. The payment is then deemed to be paid as compensation to ECP AGRO CLEANING.
  6. Unless it is expressly agreed otherwise, ECP AGRO CLEANING always has the right to execute the contract in whole or in part by third parties, these conditions also work in favor of these third parties, provided, however, that ECP AGRO CLEANING them, if necessary afterwards, writing authorizes to invoke these conditions without such authorization could create any obligations to ECP AGRO CLEANING.


  1. The choice of the means of transport is to ECP AGRO CLEANING. b. The transport of the ECP AGRO CLEANING ordered / purchased goods for the account of the buyer / client.This also applies in respect of returns.
  2. All ECP AGRO CLEANING ordered / purchased goods, including any buyer client to send return goods, traveling from the time of shipment, the risk of the buyer / client.Even if free delivery has been agreed, the buyer / customer is liable for all damage suffered during transport.
  3. The goods are delivered only on the ground floor door. Where goods other than ground floor at the front door to be delivered, the associated additional costs and risks borne entirely by the buyer / client. If the buyer / customer at the time of delivery is not present, or does not appear to be able to receive the goods, or otherwise fails to take delivery of the goods, ECP AGRO CLEANING entitled to delivery to put in a pickup duty of the buyer / customer to the address specified by the carrier after it has been informed by leaving a written notice buyer / client accordingly.
  4. Upon arrival / taking over of the goods, the buyer / client overtui gene of the state where the property is located. Then if it appears that damage was caused to property or equipment, he must take all measures to obtain compensation from the carrier. By signing the receipt issued by or on behalf of ECP AGRO CLEANING, buyer / customer declares to have received the goods in good condition.


  1. For every contract ECP AGRO CLEANING should individually determine a price or rate. This price or tariff is intended only as to pay the amount for the to be delivered by ECP AGRO CLEANING performance, including the normal thereto costs. The prices mentioned in the offer are based on the then known cost factors, rates, wages, taxes, duties, charges, freight, etc .. In the event of an increase in one of these factors is ECP AGRO CLEANING right to amend the offer (sale) price .
  2. Under the price or rate therefore does not include government taxes or other agencies, including fines, insurance etc .. c. ECP's Cleaning

entitled advance payments

or depot or security (in the form of a bank guarantee).

  1. ECP AGRO CLEANING reserves the right to charge for shipping costs.


A.1. Unless explicitly (in writing) otherwise agreed, the payment of the invoices sent by ECP AGRO CLEANING must be made within 8 (eight) days after the invoice date, without deduction of discounts and without any compensation.

a.2 In Internet transactions through a website, such as in shop / shop operations shall pay advance payment indicated by an on site or on an explicitly agreed otherwise.

  1. ECP AGRO Cleaning  is entitled to charge a credit limitation surcharge of 2%, but then this is explicitly on the invoice listed. This fee may be deducted from the invoice amount if the invoice is paid within 8 days after the invoice date.
  2. All payments must be made without deduction or set-off, take place at the offices of ECP AGRO CLEANING or a bank account designated by ECP AGRO CLEANING. d. Discounts can be granted only after consultation between ECP AGRO CLEANING and buyer / client. Unless otherwise agreed, these discounts are disposable.


  1. Any complaints, both the supply of goods and services rendered and invoiced amounts must be submitted within eight days of receipt of the goods or services or of the relevant invoices, writing and registered with ECP AGRO CLEANING to be made, specifying in detail the facts on which the complaints relate. The right to complain of the buyer / customer in loss of by or on behalf processed, processed goods. This

also applies to come goods or goods of which the package is damaged.

  1. Complaints regarding clauses in these conditions include under Article (nullity in respect of one or more clauses by virtue of being unreasonably onerous) should also within eight days after becoming aware of these conditions or the time at which it reasonably could be noted, be in writing and lodged with ECP AGRO CLEANING submitted accurate statement of the facts on which the complaints relate. The right to complain expires when the agreement was concluded. The buyer / client waives it subsequently rely on being unreasonably onerous one or more clauses in these terms, if any felt unreasonably onerous clauses are not mandatory by law.
  2. When filed claims do not meet the foregoing, they can not receive and buyer / customer deemed to have approved the goods and / or services. When ECP AGRO CLEANING considers that a legitimate complaint, it has the right either to be determined by mutual agreement monetary amount to be paid as compensation to the buyer / client, whether to proceed with a new supply while maintaining the existing agreement , subject to the obligation of the buyer / client for ECP AGRO CLEANING to return the wrong or defective delivered free; one at the discretion of ECP AGRO CLEANING.
  3. ECP AGRO CLEANING is only required to take cognizance of complaints made when the relevant buyer / customer at the time of submitting his complaints to all its existing obligations to ECP AGRO CLEANING, under any agreement whatsoever arising and which therefore existing, has paid in full .
  4. Returns that are not or insufficiently stamped or packaged, will be rejected by ECP AGRO CLEANING. All returns from buyers

or clients made on their behalf and risk.


  1. ECP AGRO CLEANING has the right, if the buyer / customer fails in any way, or continue to fulfill its obligations with respect to previously executed deliveries through ECP AGRO CLEANING, work performed, or other reasons, to meet its obligations to the buyer / client to suspend, or the underlying agreement (s) to cancel all or part of / dissolve.All this without the buyer / client in any way be liable and subject to the ECP AGRO CLEANING rights. ECP AGRO CLEANING has this right, if by buyer / client event of a bankruptcy, receivership, joining the WSNP, other forms of debt counseling, liquidation of company form / business activities, or any, by the standards of ECP AGRO CLEANING, threat of these circumstances. All claims ECP AGRO CLEANING on buyer / client are then due to her immediately.
  2. If the buyer / customer receivable by him ECP AGRO CLEANING agreement (s) wish to terminate / cancel, then ECP AGRO CLEANING also entitled compliance with the agreement (s) or buyer / client, whichever ECP AGRO CLEANING,

a cancellation fee of at least 30% of the sales.


If payment has not taken place invoices sent by ECP AGRO CLEANING within 8 (eight) days after the invoice date, the buyer / client shall be deemed to be legally in default and ECP AGRO CLEANING without further notice, the right buyer / client about all by him amount from the due date to charge interest charged at the legal interest arrears with a minimum of 1% per month or part thereof, without prejudice to ECP AGRO CLEANING further rights, including the right on buyer / client all the recovery costs falling, both 'judicial and extrajudicial costs, the latter being fixed in advance 15% of the amount to be collected, with a minimum of EUR 150.00 (in words, one hundred and fifty euros) Note: For transactions where the buyer / customer is a natural person not acting in the exercise of profession or business apply from 1 ju li 2012 the statutory rates.


  1. As long as a buyer / client to ECP AGRO CLEANING full payment of the offers made by ECP AGRO CLEANING goods supplied to him, components, systems and / or activities, they remain at the expense and risk of the buyer / customer incoming goods and / or materials, the undisputed property of ECP AGRO CLEANING.
  2. If a buyer / customer fails to fulfill any obligation under the agreement relating to the goods sold and / or work performed, ECP AGRO CLEANING without further notice entitled to take back the goods or materials, in which case the agreement will without judicial intervention are dissolved, without prejudice to ECP AGRO CLEANING, if necessary, seek legal or other action of any allowance ECP AGRO CLEANING suffered or to be suffered, including: loss, loss of profits, interest, transport etc ..
  3. ECP AGRO CLEANING reserves the right goods, tools, materials, cars, cash, securities, (financial) documents etc, they buyer / customer under any title, held, effectively maintaining, until the buyer / client has at its financial and other obligations to ECP AGRO CLEANING.
  4. For transactions with a buyer / client based in a country where an extended retention of title ECP AGRO CLEANING has the right to declare the proceedings applicable retention each extended her desirable time of application.
  5. If the buyer / client does or fails to comply with any of these or another, with the contract agreement related obligation is ECP AGRO CLEANING entitled to have written notice of default from the buyer / customer -without tussenkomst- judicial execution suspend, without ECP AGRO CLEANING is obliged to pay any compensation.


  1. Force majeure relieves ECP AGRO CLEANING of its obligations to the buyer / client. Force majeure factors are considered: such events and conditions that have a demonstrable and direct-acting effect on the company ECP AGRO CLEANING, such as serious disruptions in its production process, war (outside polen), riots, epidemics, fire, traffic disruptions, strikes, lockouts , loss or damage during transport, accident or illness of its personnel, import restrictions or other government restrictions, etc .. ECP AGRO CLEANING is released from its obligations regardless of whether the force majeure has pre-disposed in its own business, or elsewhere, such as in companies of suppliers, carriers, wholesalers, etc ..
  2. In case of inability to perform the contract due to force majeure ECP AGRO CLEANING entitled, without judicial intervention, to either suspend or the agreement entirely or to dissolve partially the execution of the contract for a maximum of six months, to be determined assessment of ECP AGRO CLEANING. The buyer / customer will be said at this taken by ECP AGRO CLEANING

decision in writing.


  1. Of all the benefit of the buyer / client manufactured products, services provided, etc. Cleaning the desired ECP, if present, copyrights or other intangible protective rights strictly to adhere. Use or alternative use of design and / or ideas ECP AGRO CLEANING is strictly prohibited, unless ECP AGRO CLEANING has granted express written permission and by all ECP AGRO CLEANING matter prescribed conditions must be fully met. b. If the buyer / customer does not adhere to the prescribed under 14a, ECP AGRO CLEANING is without further notice and / or judicial intervention, claim a penalty of at least EUR 11,500.00

(Five, eleven thousand five hundred euros) per day or part thereof that the violation continues.

Article 15: GUARANTEES

Warranty clauses for where the compliance requirements provided for in the Civil not applicable.

  1. By ECP AGRO CLEANING is granted only guarantee under the terms of the warranty clause that came with the product. In such cases the warranty only comes into force after ECP AGRO CLEANING shewed by the buyer / client request has been notified.
  2. Is issued or guaranteed by ECP AGRO CLEANING, but without it there is a warranty that clause, the duration of the warranty period up to 6 months after delivery of the goods. ECP AGRO CLEANING should also here first in writing by registered buyer / client of his request to be informed.
  3. The warranty includes repair or replacement of the goods, whichever ECP AGRO CLEANING. Mischief from the outside can never lead to any mandatory guarantee by ECP AGRO CLEANING.
  4. The goods taken for repair stay in all cases at the risk of the buyer / customer ECP AGRO CLEANING or an ECP AGRO CLEANING third party engaged for this purpose.


Only if ECP AGRO CLEANING it has previously confirmed in writing to the buyer / client, can be considered goods delivered by or on behalf ECP AGRO CLEANING and vision-mission for shows, exhibitions, fairs and / or other pass to ECP AGRO CLEANING purposes. Also on consignments are these "Terms and Conditions" apply in full.


  1. All offers, orders and ECP AGRO to conclude agreements EU  law. The ECP AGRO is however free himself at any time in whole or be able to partially and may rely on the applicable law of the country where the buyer / customer is established or the Vienna Sales Convention. Then shall, in deviation from the subject under b reported the dispute to the competent court in the jurisdiction of the buyer / client. ECP AGRO  requires the buyer / client about not advance to inform.
  2. All disputes shall be subject to the judgment of the competent court in the District of Glogov polen or the judgment of a competent court, however, so the choice of ECP AGRO.
  3. If any section or subsection of the "General Conditions" is invalid or not applied by ECP AGRO this shall not affect the validity of other articles.


These conditions are for the purpose of ECP AGRO  composed and deposited and under the applicability of its current and future general terms and payment conditions come into being, taking into account the requirements.

© copyright 

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